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E-Commerce based (Magento)

  • Bauhaus Sweden (M2), 2017
  • Stellar Equipment (M2), 2017
  • Component based approach to E-com websites (M2), 2017
    Full stack, with majorly front-end, development of a massive and ambitious internal product made on top of Magento 2, which enables creating flexible M2 web stores entirely using Vaimo CMS and widgets.
  • Nordica Golf (M2), 2017
    Core team member as a FE developer for a multi-store/language website, as well as responsible for the front-end & documentation side of a highly complex feature ‘golf club configurator’.
  • Sova (M2), 2016
    Part of the FE dev team for a visually complex and feature-laden web store of a major Swedish chain of beds & sleeping products. Also created the faster and more efficient FE development workflow for M2 websites.
  • Dr Denim Jeansmakers (B2B), 2016
    B2B web store for an existing client, with business logic for multiple markets, layered levels of users, feature scopes, complex pricing and discounts, and several tiers of products catalog.
  • Glitter, 2016
    FE developer for the web store for a market leader in nordic region in fashion jewellery & accessories, hence a plethora of features and presentation for a unique demographics of website users.
  • Kaibosh, 2016
    Responsive and style guide driven web store.
  • Naturkompaniet, 2016
    Part of the maintenance team as a front-end developer.
  • Partioaitta, 2016
    Part of the maintenance team as a front-end developer.
  • Absolut Art, 2015
    Frontend development and maintenance of an art collective web store, focussed on visually striking features and minimalism.
  • Dr Denim Jeansmakers (B2C), 2015
    Part of the FE development team for the Magento 1 B2C store for an emerging Swedish jeans brand.
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