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Stockholm, Sweden

Mikael Åberg

Abhisek is a well rounded, quality oriented Frontend programmer. He takes responsibility for his work, has a clear business understanding, and is driving internal development of tools and methods autonomously. Besides his technical knowhow and professionalism, I’ve appreciated his happy spirit and the warmth he brings into any team.

London, UK

David Thompson

It has been a pleasure working with Abhisek during the revision and redesign of my company website. He has proven himself to be knowledgable in the field of web design and SEO techniques. Abhisek has exceeded my expectations with regards the work carried out by incorporating Adsense, Google Search API, Feeds for RSS and Twitter etc, in a way that I was able to pick up these skills for myself as he went through the process. I wanted to come away with knowledge about how to approach these areas of web development and Abhisek (dreamworkers) have certainly delivered. I also have to say that I haven’t found a single bug in the design to date, which is extremely suprising – being new to web design I took this for granted, but goes a long way as to prove the quality of his work!Since the inception of the project we have worked together on this on an informal basis, I had a loose goal and objective in mind but have felt comfortable enough to let him manage the day to day tasks and come up with design ideas and suggestions. Probably due to this hands off and informal approach the project took a little bit longer than it may have done, but this was a background project for me and at times waited on my input and deliverables.All in all, very happy with the outcome and will recommend and plan to use again as and when!

Enkay Solutions

Herry Jones

Working with Abhishek was a new ray of light. I think one can take a lot of takeaways just working with Abhishek. I think it’s the preparation of the project that separates him from others. He has such a good thought process and the project document that literally guides you through the project. Somethings you haven’t thought of and few things that you adds more value to the project makes a lot of difference. I have learned that the most important thing is to have that planning document as that really decides how your project will take shape and a guy like Abhishek can really turn it on.. So hats off to him and yes will hire him again and recommend to anyone without second thoughts..

Bryn Mawr, PA, USA

Pete Howey

Abhisek did a great job building two sites for us. He provided detailed lists of what I needed to provide to him to get the project completed. The estimates for how long tasks would take were occasionally not met. Overall I am very happy with the end result and would recommend this contractor.

All Things Spiritual

Mark Langford

Abhisek does great work! Super job! I found Abhisek’s work highly creative, thorough and of very high quality. I highly recommend him for logo design work!

Tower Data

Tom Burke

Abhisek is quite knowledgeable about JavaScript/HTML and his code is clean.


Rajesh Taneja

We liked Abisek’s work so much, we payed him double what the assignment was worth. Thanks for making the job easy for us.

Money Mouth Marketing
Las Vegas, USA

Antonio Thronton

Abhisek did an EXCELLENT job – he got the entire project within a few minutes and did exactly what I needed. Great provider to work with and I HIGHLY recommend to others…


Eric Colley

Well done. Thank you for your work.

Nexus Group
Sydney, Australia

Sam Potts

Great communication and quality of work, did exactly what was asked. Look forward to dong more with you again in the future. Thanks again!

Music Basti
Noida, India

Ankur Prakash

Abhisek is a person full of enthusiasm and passion. He devotes himself completely towards his work and the fruitful result can easily be weighed via his hard-work. I have worked with him for very small portion of time during starting days of Dream India Project. He is innovative and have lots of great ideas, obviously that is because he does great amount of R&D(being aware of the present and prediction power for some of the future events). Also, he is a good leader. (Thats my personal experience while I worked with him during Dream India Project.) My good wishes are always with this great friend. 🙂

GSK Consumer Healthcare India
Gurgaon, India

Ashish Pandey

This all was about the changes which we need to bring in our country, this was how it started.
I personally think him as a honest, level headed, energetic, clear cut idea of future, goal oriented and a person who believes in taking the bold but right steps.
He has been ready to help when it was sorting something out, mostly online. Wish him a great life and future ahead.


Bhawna Gulati

Abhisek is a talented, dedicated, hardworking, and an intelligent person. He always put his best for any activity assigned to him. He loves challenges & passionate about learning new things. The commitment & dedication he shows while working is terrific. It was a pleasure working with him.

New Delhi, India

Amit Kumar Choudhary

Abhishek is detail man who always starve for perfection. He has his goals clear in mind and he is well to achieve it and he deserves these. He is a man of word and will never disappoint you from his work.At Dream India Project and Dream workers project he is doing excellent and I wish him the best.